Stop Saying ‘Get Over It’

You've said it to others, "You just have to get over it". You've thought it to yourself, "Why can't I just get over this?. You've also judged or criticized yourself and others for not getting over it. The honest truth about the get over it mentality is that we don't get over it, we get … Continue reading Stop Saying ‘Get Over It’

How to Mentally Prepare for High School

Mental Skills are, well, skills. Mental Skills, like any skill, require education, discussion and lots of practice to develop effectively and productively in order to achieve consistent results. When parenting your teenager, it's helpful to see these 7 mental skills as skills that require practice. It's harmful and counterintuitive to define teens based on their … Continue reading How to Mentally Prepare for High School

How To Make Your Teen’s Consequence ‘fit the crime’

The difference between consequences and punishment can be the difference between involuntary cooperation and apocolypse now. Involuntary cooperation looks a lot like a teen who is clearly frustrated, not talking, irritated and rolling their eyes back into their head; however, they are cooperating and within control. Apocolypse now looks like a teen who has flipped … Continue reading How To Make Your Teen’s Consequence ‘fit the crime’

How To Manage A Bully

It's a painful and helpless feeling to hear about your teenager being bullied.  I often think parents suffer as bad, if not worse than their teens when they know their teen is being bullied.  It's such a helpless feeling, all a parent wants to do is protect their child. When I was younger I was … Continue reading How To Manage A Bully

How to Deal With A Disrespectful Teen

No one likes to be disrespected, especially by their own children.   As a parent, most everything you do is dedicated to helping your children become a better person, a better scholar, a better athlete, etc.  You disrupt your schedule to get them to school on time, the endless doctor appointments, their extracurricular activities, a friends … Continue reading How to Deal With A Disrespectful Teen

How to Get Your Teen to Talk

Teens are well known for NOT talking to their parents.  Of their own free will or when asked a question.  Teens are stumbling their way through the adolescent stage of development, a stage of development that includes many aspects; one of which is developing autonomy. When I was a teenager I can distinctly remember my … Continue reading How to Get Your Teen to Talk

How to Love Your Teen When They Hate You

It has been said, parenting a teen is MUCH harder and so much more exhausting than parenting a toddler.  I believe you parents.  I believe you. Your sweet 9 year old is going to switch it up on you about the time you finally start to feeling confident in your parenting game.  When you finally … Continue reading How to Love Your Teen When They Hate You