Holiday’s 2020: How To Survive Family Functions

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Jax Anderson and Renae Swanson are two mental health professionals helping parents decode the tween and teen years.  

Jax and Renae have worked with tweens and teens for a combination of 35+ years and their experience and creative parenting solutions have proven valuable for parents around the world.  

They aren’t afraid to talk about the ‘tough stuff’, the topics and issues that many mental health professionals steer clear from speaking publicly about when it comes to raising tweens and teens.  

Join Jax and Renae as they begin the journey of talking about the topic of raising tweens and teens in the world today.  

Holiday Guidelines

We are following many of the guidelines on this website. Our hope is you are as well. Here is what we are following for our Holiday gatherings. These are important even if you have previously had COVID. They are finding that even though you have antibodies, you can still be exposed and spread the virus.

  1. For the 14 days before the get together please limit your contact with people besides those that you live with.
  2. If you know that your housemates or roommates are not safe distancing, please find ways to stay out of contact with them. (E.g., cook and eat at different times at them.
  3. Please only use substance with those that you are very close to like significant others. Substances make it hard to safe distance and maintain hygiene. Marijuana has been found to be a spreader when smoking in groups.
  4. If you have any symptoms at all, stay home.
  5. If you have been exposed to COVID, and are not finished with your 14 day quarantine stay home even if you were sick previously. Again, antibodies do not keep you from spreading. 

We would really love to have all of you with us for the holidays and I know that this text message may upset some of you because of the life style change. Please try to follow these guidelines. If you cannot, please be honest so that we are all able to stay safe. If you cannot come, we can use zoom and we can definitely drop food off for you.


Find Jax and Renae on social media by engaging with them in their facebook group for Moms of Tween/Teen Daughters:

Jax Anderson can be found on:

IG: @thepsykotherapist

TiKToK: @psyko_therapy and 

Renae Swanson can be found on:

IG: @renae.d.swanson

and at

Join the email list for Raise A Little Hell Podcast here:

“Disclaimer: This podcast is informational and NOT a substitute, replacement or in conjunction with individual, family, couples’ and group psychotherapy. If you or someone you know is in need or seeking mental health services please contact your local mental health service provider. For more resources pertaining to mental health please visit

Check out this episode of Raise A Little Hell Podcast!

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