How To Parent A Teenager

It seems like a basic title for a blog, however, I am asked ALL THE TIME “Is there an instruction manual for parenting my teenager?”. And to be honest, YES, there are several hundred different parenting books and workbooks written to help parents raise teenagers.

Those books are great and a parent can learn a lot from them, but ultimately parents of teenagers are battling two BIG obstacles when parenting a teenager: Biology and Themselves.

Starting at approximately 12 years of age kids move into the adolescent stage of development. The longest and largest stage of development a human being’s brain experiences. It lasts until approximately 25 years of age. The biology is NOT in favor of blind obedience to parents without question, cooperation of rules and policies, time management and organization or emotional stability 24/7.

Parents are the other obstacle because most parents simply lack a general understanding of the adolescent stage of development. It’s not like you learned it in school or ‘Becoming a Parent’ Academy. Most adults have forgotten, or repressed, what it was like to be a teenager. Not to mention, it’s personal! When our own kids treat us like shit, it hurts. If parents have their own unhealed wounds this could ignite those wounds and cause an emotional cataclysmic event (verbal fights) on the daily. Both parties attempting to establish dominance leads to dysfunction and poor relationships.

The instructional manuals and workbooks that exist about raising teenagers become more helpful when parents of teenagers take the perspective that they are raising adults in training and their teen is simply moving through a challenging developmental stage. The key is to find manuals and workbooks that will help parents understand the developmental stage, so they know what to expect and some pointers on how to manage it in the healthiest possible way.

That’s where my work comes in, I have created several different (short and sweet) ebooks that will help parents understand their teenagers brain. They are short because who seriously has time to read an entire book these days? They are sweet in that they explain the process and give several different ways to manage through.

If you’re interested check out my ebooks here in my ONLINE STORE. Many parents have found the ebooks helpful. I designed them for parents to read WITH their teenagers, or allow their teenagers to read it on their own and discuss with parents afterwards. Teens need to know what is going on with this massive developmental stage as well! It’s only fair they understand there is nothing wrong with them, that it’s biology.

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