Sex Trafficking – What You Need To Know Part 1

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Season 1, Episode 7

Sex Trafficking – What You Need To Know Part 1

In this episode Renae and Jax answer questions they intend to ask Jenny Jamison in episode 8.  Jenny is an advanced practice social working on her clinical licensure at A Beautiful Journey and Brave Space. One of her previous positions was as a anti-trafficking/sexual exploitation advocate for Winnebago County where she acted on behalf of survivors of sex trafficking/exploitation to increase survivor safety and decrease further victimization by individuals and systems.  Jenny provided emotional support and resources to victims and worked within legal and medical systems to provide court and medical accompaniment for survivors navigating these systems. Additionally, she developed and conducted training and outreach to service providers and other community members.  

Jax and Renae answer the questions prior to interviewing Jenny to show how limited even professional counselors can be in understanding all the dynamics of sex trafficking.  Sex trafficking is constantly evolving and changing and getting harder and harder to infiltrate and stop.  If one doesn’t work in the world of sex trafficking on a daily basis it’s understandable how they wouldn’t know all the details.  As parents, topics like sex trafficking are scary and therefore we are tempted to understandably avoid talking about it or even thinking about it.  But, if we want to keep our kids and teens safe we need to start learning more about it and there is a lot to learn. 

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