Raise A Little Hell Podcast – Introduction

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Raise a Little Hell Podcast

Two licensed mental health professionals taking on the taboo topics of raising tweens & teens.  Real talk, honest and authentic with the intention of adding value to the lives of parents and tweens & teens.  We believe in the power of knowledge, the power of talk and the power of an adolescents attitude
Who are we?

Jax and Renae have a combined ( 19 + ?) years of experience working with parents and adolescents as professional counselors and 31 years experience as parents. Our passion is helping teens and parents increase their connections with each other as they maneuver through life’s many detours. Jax and Renae are also active community social justice advocates for all peoples who lack privilege.
Our Why
Jax and Renae want to create a space where no matter your background, you will feel welcomed, validated, and encouraged. We want to facilitate a space where all types of households, cultures, and parenting styles are accepted. This is a “no shame” space. We want to help educate parents to enhance their current parenting methods by discussing taboo topics such as sex, social media, cell phones, and more.  Remember your way is the way, but our information is intended to back you up. Be prepared to laugh and hang on for the ride with us.
What will happen this season? 
This season Jax and Renae are coming out of the blocks strong by starting with a season-long discussion of all things sex and teens. We cover topics like consent, puberty, parental sex lives and the impact on teens, how to talk to your kids about sex, and much, much more. You will learn and laugh as you hear Renae and Jax apply their sexpertise related to adolescent mental health and parenting. You will also enjoy their “digressions” as their facebook live audiences have commonly come to call their off-task discussions.
How can You reach us?
Find them on social media by engaging with them in their facebook group for Moms of Tween/Teen Daughters: https://www.facebook.com/groups/momsandteengirls/?ref=bookmarks
Jax Anderson can be found on IG @thepsykotherapist
Send her a message!
Renae can be found on IG @renae.d.swanson
or you can email her at rswanson@integritycounselingllc.net
Join the email list for Raise A Little Hell Podcast here: www.raisealittlehellpodcast.com


Check out this episode of Raise A Little Hell Podcast!

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