How to Put The FUN in Dysfunction this Holiday

Step 1 – Observe with Curiosity

Have you ever simply sat back and silently watched the people around you?

Watched their behavior, how they communicate and interact with one another?

What they say and what their body language is when they say it?

Utilize ‘Observe with Curiosity’ to calm and recalibrate yourself during the Holiday. This perspective will help you disengage from the messy dramatic situations that often erupt during the obligatory events you must attend. Sit back and watch with a curious mindset what happens. Try not to judge, just observe…gather data and notice things you may not have noticed before. It’s sort of fun and liberating the more you do it!

Step 2 – Be Unapologetically Yourself

We’ve all experienced pressure to be a certain way at certain times. The pressure from parents to ‘be good’ or ‘take the high road’. We have all been told to act a certain way, that likely goes against who we are at our core. I’m telling you now, BE YOURSELF! Be kind, be compassionate, be respectful; but BE YOURSELF!

At the end of the day, you’re the one that has to live with yourself. Would you rather live with the decision that you made everyone else happy by sacrificing your SELF? Or would you rather live with the decision that you expressed your SELF?

Step 3 – Speak Your Truth

Be kind. Be compassionate. Be respectful. But, Speak Your Truth. You have a right to your opinion and feelings. You have the right to express them and you have the right to expect to be treated with kindness, compassion and respect.

Of course, some environments are not safe for us to express our truth. If that is the case, be honest about that, “I don’t feel comfortable sharing my opinion.” They may try and shame you for not feeling comfortable, and if they do, it’s only because they know you’re right. Just sayin.

Step 4 – Laugh

Laughter neutralizes stress and anxiety. It helps your brain restart itself and de-escalate. If you can laugh, laugh. Of course, don’t be a bully with laughter by laughing at others and making them uncomfortable. But if you can make a situation funny in your head, do it! Have a little laugh to yourself about the bullshit you are experiencing and know that it will be over soon.

Step 5 – Know When To Walk Away, Know When To Run

Now that you have the song in your head, consider the truth of this statement. Sometimes walking away is the only healthy choice. I give you permission to do so. If you need an excuse, everyone poops. Excuse yourself to the bathroom.

Sometimes the only healthy option is to RUN away. If this is the case, simply sneeze and hold your nose as if you snotted all over yourself and run to find a tissue. Then NEVER return to that situation!!

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