How To Have A Stress Free Holiday – Step 1

Observe With Curiosity

The Holiday season is ramping up. Emotions are high, pressure is heavy, stores are more crowded, family expectations and obligations are being communicated with fervor, the judging and shaming has commenced, etc etc.

Like it or not, the Holidays are here…again

Each week I intend to post a healthy coping skill to help you get through the Holidays with your sanity intact and your sense of humor strong; by puting a little FUN in dysfunction.

This week’s coping skill is to OBSERVE WITH CURIOSITY.

When you notice yourself getting irritated, activated, emotional, avoidant, anxious, angry or any other bullshit you don’t like…think and observe like a scientist, without emotionality or subjectivity.

OBSERVE other people with curiosity…
What are they doing?
What need to they have that they might be meeting by behaving that way?
What emotion or feeling are they expressing?
How might they have perceived this situation they way they did?

Then OBSERVE what you are thinking and feeling…
How am I feeling about what they are doing or saying?
What need am I meeting by avoiding, getting angry, being emotional, reacting a certain way?
What emotion or feeling is coming up for me?
How am I perceiving this situation?
Are there other ways I could perceive this situation?

Notice when you OBSERVE WITH CURIOSITY it takes you out of your activation and into a more thoughtful, hopefully less judgmental place. A place where you can observe your own thoughts and actually give yourself a bit of advice. The space between your reaction and rational thought allows you the time to decide how you want to respond.

Be the scientist!

Try it out and let me know how it works for you!

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