How to Survive A Wisconsin Winter

It’s October 12th and Wisconsin received it’s first fxcking snow fall. I’m eternally grateful I was absent for this early snowpocalyptic moment. I’m currently enjoying the warmth of Atlanta, GA where the locals think I’m crazy sitting outside in the cold 77 degree weather.

Seeing my friends back in Wisconsin happily post to their social media accounts the ‘beautiful’ snow while wearing their winter coats and hats makes me want to stay in Atlanta and call a real estate agent to find me housing. It also makes me want to delete and block my friends who obviously can’t be my friends any longer if they seriously love this snow bullshit.

Alas, staying in Atlanta is just a dream, at some point I have to get my brain and body ready for a Wisconsin winter. Because I live there, my family is there, my business is there, my vodka is there. I’ve tried the denial thing, I’ve tried bargaining with a higher power, I’ve tried anger; but winter always wins by waving a HUGE middle finger in my face.

Therefore, I pulled up a video I made on how to survive a Wisconsin winter…

How to Survive A Wisconsin Winter

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