College: Bribing, Cheating and Lying – Is This Really a Surprise?

What surprises me most about the recent college cheating scandal, is not the actions of the people who lied and cheated their way in, it’s the surprise others have expressed that it even happened. Honest shock and awe that wealthy, powerful people would use their resources to get ahead.

I can only conclude the people that are shocked this happened have (1) a habit of keeping their heads in the sand of illusion and idealism, (2) are enjoying the ride on their privilege train, or (3) too young to read and comprehend.


As you can imagine, I have a lot of thoughts about this issue but I will keep my rant short.

This shit is happening as early as Kindergarten!

Parents are competing with other parents to get their 4 and 5 year olds into the best and most prestigious Kindergarten academies (kindergarten academy? Seriously?) by making donations, volunteering hours, kissing asses, rubbing shoulders, baking, drinking and sexing to get some precious ‘edge’ above other Kindergartners.

I’ve got news for the competitive parents, ‘Kids don’t fucking care where they go to kindergarten!’. They just want to play and have fun.

And you know what else?

They ALL catch up to each other eventually. If your kid could read in Kindergarten that does NOT guarantee they will stand out in 3rd grade. Most kids catch up to the same level of reading at the same time.

The competitive parents have only managed to put additional and unnecessary pressure on their child. Don’t think for one second that child doesn’t feel your competitive anxiety and NEED for them to be the BEST; however you happen to be defining ‘BEST’. Kids growing up with parents that put that kind of pressure on them that early, often develop anxiety.

Because we all likely know a competitive parent, or have been graced with one in action bragging up a storm at a kid event…here are some thoughtful questions to ask them that will challenge their behavior:

Who is your child’s education about, your CHILD or YOU?

Is YOUR value and self worth defined by where your child goes to school?

Is your success as a parent dependent upon your child’s academics?

What should I know about YOU because your child can read at age 5?


If you can figure out how to control your child’s success in school and life, please keep that shit to yourself. Kids deserve the opportunity to walk their own path.

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