Your Interpretation Is Your Responsibility


If you want to begin lightening the heavy load of emotions and feelings, start taking responsibility for how you choose to allow another’s interpretation affect you.  If someone doesn’t believe what you believe, that’s ultimately none of your business.  Does their lack of belief change or affect your beliefs?  To doubt your beliefs?  Maybe, but maybe not.  Either way, whether their lack of believing what you believe affects you or not is YOUR responsibility, not theirs.  Their lack of belief is just that, a lack of belief in something you believe in.  If your interpretation of their lack of belief is challenging to you, upsetting to you, disappointing to you, whatever it is…that’s YOUR problem.

Let’s be honest…how you interpret what you see or hear is YOUR responsibility, your reality…it belongs to you.

For example, when you read a blog and your interpretation of that blog causes you to have certain feelings or emotions, those feeling or emotions belong to YOU!

Of course, you absolutely have a right to your interpretation, same as you have a right to your opinion.  You also have a right to respond with your interpretation.  Hopefully you choose to respond with kindness and compassion, rather than anger and fear.

You have a right to put your interpretation out into the world and you have the right to be heard.  However, you don’t get to accuse another person’s interpretation for YOUR upset feelings and emotions about how they interpreted something.  If they interpreted something differently than you it’s because they have had different conditioning and experiences in life.

They are different from you, so of course they will interpret things differently!   Let me be clear, you absolutely are allowed to have certain feelings or emotions about someone else’s interpretation…but you don’t get to blame them for upsetting you.  Whether you get upset or not is your choice.

Generally people aren’t trying to upset you, offend you or make a personal attack on you with their personal interpretation or truth about their experiences.  We all have different truths.  Reality truly doesn’t exist, it’s our interpretation that defines our experiences, and keeps the world turning.

Chances are VERY good the author of that blog, shared their story/opinion/interpretation to speak their truth, not to control how you will interpret what they shared.

When people share their thoughts, feelings, opinions, advice, interpretations they’re typically for them, not for you.  Sure, they may hope to inspire you, motivate you, educate you; but generally they are aiming to express themselves.  They are spitting it out into written or verbal format and sharing it with the world.  Your response to their interpretation is YOUR interpretation of what they said.

You don’t get to blame them for ‘trying’ to get you to feel a certain way.  How you feel is YOUR responsibility.

I’m writing this blog not to MAKE you feel a certain way or to control your interpretation.  You are going to read this blog and apply your own life’s experiences and conditioning and as a result you will have a different impression or interpretation of what you read here.

I am sharing my interpretation of something I read in the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.  I am sharing to clarify for myself what I read, to help it process in my brain, to give me insight into my own interpretations and my own blog shares, as well as building the confidence to share and write what I know without letting ‘what others might think’ stop me.

I’m also sharing because maybe it will inspire you to think about what you read and what you share.  Maybe you will relate to my experience and it will motivate you to share your own truth.  Or maybe you will share your interpretation of what I wrote with me and I will learn something from your interpretation.


I am working on becoming the best version of myself, in my own work, in my own way.  

Just me.  

I am working on sharing my truth, my authentic self, because I can’t live with myself any other way.  

I am working on overcoming the fear of ‘what others might think’ about my truth.  I am working on growth and expansion.  

I think all anyone can hope for in this human experience is to live their truth.  How lonely and sad it would be to realize you’ve spent your entire life being pretending to be someone you aren’t.


Thanks for listening,


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