How to Deal With A Disrespectful Teen

No one likes to be disrespected, especially by their own children.   As a parent, most everything you do is dedicated to helping your children become a better person, a better scholar, a better athlete, etc.  You disrupt your schedule to get them to school on time, the endless doctor appointments, their extracurricular activities, a friends … Continue reading How to Deal With A Disrespectful Teen

Government Shutdown Stories…

Yesterday, my daughter had the day off of school so we had the entire day to hang out and do mother/daughter things. Before the day got started we were cuddling on the couch, lazily watching TV and waking up. She was waking up slowly and I was lurking through Facebook on my phone, trying to … Continue reading Government Shutdown Stories…

How to Get Your Teen to Talk

Teens are well known for NOT talking to their parents.  Of their own free will or when asked a question.  Teens are stumbling their way through the adolescent stage of development, a stage of development that includes many aspects; one of which is developing autonomy. When I was a teenager I can distinctly remember my … Continue reading How to Get Your Teen to Talk

Your Interpretation Is Your Responsibility

If you want to begin lightening the heavy load of emotions and feelings, start taking responsibility for how you choose to allow another's interpretation affect you.  If someone doesn’t believe what you believe, that’s ultimately none of your business.  Does their lack of belief change or affect your beliefs?  To doubt your beliefs?  Maybe, but … Continue reading Your Interpretation Is Your Responsibility

How to Trust Your Teen And Show Them

5 Reasons to Trust Your Teen The parent-teen relationship doesn't have to be a negative, distrustful experience.   We see them all the time; jokes about parenting teenagers, warnings to parents about the teenage years, dreadful stories indicating 'this will happen to your teen too'.  Certainly, laughter is a great way to manage anxiety and frustration.  … Continue reading How to Trust Your Teen And Show Them