New Year…New You, Make It Stick


New Year resolutions are for quitters.

Hear me out before you lose your shit.

For years the world has promoted making a ‘new year resolution’ to celebrate the new year.  The tradition has established itself so deeply into our culture people feel making a resolution is ‘what you do’ this time of year.   However, do you really know WHAT a resolution is?  Or HOW to commit and follow through?

Resolutions have #trended for years.

By the middle of January many people have quit and/or even forgotten what their resolution was to begin with.  New Year resolutions sound a lot like setting yourself up for failure in the beginning of a new year.  And that sucks.

The end of a year and the start of a new one can be a great launching pad for transformation, improvement, growth and self awareness.  You can jump on the ‘new year resolution’ train and end up being tossed off two weeks in or you can set goals and strategically design a plan on how to get to those goals.

In a world of instant gratification it’s getting harder and harder to be patient and maintain a strong work ethic and to appreciate the process.  Goals and dreams are NOT meant to come to you without patience, sacrifice and commitment.  It’s a process, if you are not willing to practice patience, sacrifice and commitment don’t even bother with resolutions, or goals.

But if you ARE willing to try, then the 21 Day Challenge from FEAR to COURAGE is for you.  The 21 Day Challenge is a deep dive into what is getting in your way, what is keeping you from achieving your goals.  The challenge is exactly that, a challenge.  Don’t take on this process if you are not willing to take a close look at your SELF; the good the bad and the ugly.  Only through diving into ourselves and leaning in can we shift and move towards our goals.

So, do you have something you would like to change this year?  Do you have something you would like to accomplish?  Begin?  Let go of?  Whatever it is, the 21 Day Challenge, if you work it, can help you shift your perspective from one of FEAR to one of COURAGE in the face of fear.

In as little as 21 days you can make or break a habit.

Are you ready to shift from FEAR to COURAGE in the face of fear?

Join us, starting January 2nd 2019

21 Day Challenge from FEAR to COURAGE 


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