Holiday Horror to Holiday Hangover

Another Holiday in the books. The obligatory visit, showing up when I would rather not...check. The obligatory vague gifts bought last minute and haphazardly wrapped...check. The fake smiles, false cheer brought to you as a result of psychotropic medication...check. Resisting the deafening urge to run away and avoid everyone...check. The Holidays. Beginning earlier and earlier … Continue reading Holiday Horror to Holiday Hangover

New Year…New You, Make It Stick

New Year resolutions are for quitters. Hear me out before you lose your shit. For years the world has promoted making a ‘new year resolution’ to celebrate the new year.  The tradition has established itself so deeply into our culture people feel making a resolution is 'what you do' this time of year.   However, do … Continue reading New Year…New You, Make It Stick

How To Build Trust With Your Teen

"Why can't you just trust me!"  "You don't trust me!"  "My friends parents trust their kids!" Has your teen verbally hurled these questions at you?Before talking about building trust with teens, I want to validate how difficult that can be for a parent.   It's hard for parents to watch bad things happen to their teens.  … Continue reading How To Build Trust With Your Teen