How to Take a Better Professional Selfie


I love being a mental health counselor, but a girl has to have a hobby!!

In addition to being a mental health counselor, running my own private practice and teaching and training new counselors and business owners…I am also a photographer and videographer.
It sounds like a lot, but it’s true what they say: ‘find what you love to do and you will never work another day in your life’.  
I am blessed, or extremely business savvy (maybe a bit of both?) to be able to incorporate my hobby of photography and videography into my business and my brand: 

The Psyko Therapist

Out of pure joy of the craft, and to save a sh*t ton of money on videographers and photographers, I have always produced, directed and edited my own promotional, marketing and tutorial videos.
I’ve also created my own photos, 90% of the time (some I get from shutterstock) of myself, my office, inanimate objects for advertising purposes and memes for all for my social media accounts, blog and website.
When other business owners and mental health counselors found out I was creating all of my own media, they started hiring me to produce media for their business and brand.
At the time, it never occurred to me to offer my gift and talent as a service to other small business owners, brand developers and internet influencers.
But there it was, an amazing opportunity RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE; and I am not one to shy away from an opportunity.  I kick in that door and announce “I’m here and ready to work”.  

So that’s what I did! 

I incorporated and started advertising my media services as:

Jax Anderson Media, LLC

Let’s JAM!

I started getting busy with photo shoots, producing my own and others videos and Facebook LIVE episodes, consulting with other business owners about how to develop their own media; all while still maintaining a caseload at my mental health clinic.
In order to avoid burn out, and continue to share my gift and talent with as many businesses as possible, I began creating courses about creating one’s own media.
The first FULL course I created: ‘How to Take a Better Professional Selfie – for professionals on social media’ is launching in 2018 (hopefully before Xmas).  However, there is a free mini course available NOW, and the link to that course is below.
If you are like many businesses or brands today, you are marketing on social media (at least, hopefully you are!).  In order to stand out and stay relevant on social media, you must have attractive, unique and authentic images and videos.  Media that captures your potential audience’s attention and keeps them there long enough to find out who you are and how your business or brand can provide them value.  
Audiences are very visual and are constantly bombarded with several images a day from many different sources, the competition is strong.  But you CAN stand out among the rest!!  Advertising on social media is about attracting your potential clients or customers and engaging them (keep them on your site).
I started with selfies because they are easy and extremely valuable for a social media site and/or blog or website. 
Your audience wants to see you!! 
Selfies help you sell yourself, they allow you to express your personality while also advertising your business, brand, services, events or workshops.  And it helps that selfies are culturally accepted and totally #trending.
Capturing a selfie on your smartphone can happen anywhere in any situation, and it can be uploaded to your social media or website in under five minutes. 
– no fancy and expensive camera needed,
– no more agony over researching a professional photographer or videographer,
– no spending a lot of money on a professional photographer, 
– no more waiting weeks for the scheduled photo shoot while missing engagement with potential clients/customers.  
– no more wasted and expensive photos, on your phone you can simply delete & retake,
– no more old photos on your social media and website, you can update them anytime!
– no more being encouraged into an awkward pose or smile that just isn’t you,
– no more posing in front of a stranger and his/her assistants.
In this video (less than 6 minutes long) you will learn 3 different ways to Take a Better Professional Selfie that you will not be ashamed to put on your social media or website!
You will learn:
– how to use your smart phone to take a professional selfie
– the importance of eye position
– ideal phone position to grab the perfect selfie
– how to find the perfect selfie angle that works for you
– and how to learn more in the FULL course coming soon!

Click the link to view the free video: 

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