Sick Clients

After 15 years of doing this job you just get used to it.  Clients are going to come to session sick, you’re going to catch germs from them.  It could be worse, I could be a teacher.

That doesn’t mean I can’t laugh about the fact that clients show up to session sick.  People need their mental health, and if it gets them through their illness to come to session sick then so be it.  HOWEVER, if I know ahead of time a client is sick, I politely ask them not to come to session.

I had a colleague years ago who had a client throw up on her.  I felt bad for both my colleague AND her client.  The client didn’t have a choice, her parent brought her to session.

It happens….we laugh and then we MOVE ON.  I would LOVE to hear your story of a client showing up to session sick.  What happened?


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