Counselors Deflect Too

If you are a mental health professional then you understand the need for a Career Deflection.   Mental health professionals make it their career listening to others, validating feelings and using empathy to provide an emotionally safe and non intimidating environment.

I work really freaking hard to be present for my clients and provide the best mental health care I can.  Some days are more emotionally draining than others and I have my own mental health care routine that I subscribe to for my own mental fitness.  Therefore, I reserve the right to lie like a mother fucker when I am not at work about what I do for a living.

9 times out of 10, when I am honest with people about my career, there’s always that one or two people who accost me and try to tell me all about their dysfunctional family.  Asking for advice, wondering if they are ‘crazy’, and using me to diagnose their family members and/or their enemies.

I end up hiding in bathrooms, under tables and in tall corner planters because they will follow me to tell me more about their dysfunctional family.  I always comment “I bill at $175.00 an hour, what’s your PayPal email?”  or “If you want advice you have to prepay for it.”  But they just laugh like I’m joking and continue on their emotional escapade.

So I have a Deflecting Career…I’m a Starbucks fucking Barista.

Unfxck Yourself, You’re Welcome,

Jax (The Psyko Therapist)

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