Session Begins & Nature Calls

How much time do you schedule in between client sessions?

Most mental health professionals schedule 10-15 minutes in between sessions.  That means we have 10-15 minutes to complete paperwork from the previous client, answer quick email or text questions that require answering, make coffee/tea or fill our water bottle, EAT, and take a damn bathroom break.

10-15 minutes isn’t always enough to do all those things, so sometimes one thing gets skipped.  So when sitting down for the next session thinking ‘I’m good’ quickly turns into, ‘Shit, I really have to pee’ means you have skipped the wrong thing.

UGH!!! Son of a….

And it always happens when the particular client you are talking to is on a really good emotional vomiting moment.  That’s a particular moment a mental health professional hates to interrupt.  So you hold it; as long as is humanly possible.  Waiting for a natural pause in the conversation….that never seems to come on these days.

Has this happened to you?

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