Mental Health Counselor VS Insurance Company

The Struggle is REAL!!!

I LOVE my job….I really do!!  I get to work with clients on a daily basis walking with them on their beautiful journey of healing.  Mental fitness on a daily basis is my JAM!

One thing most mental health professionals will tell you is that talking to insurance companies, paperwork and administration duties of the job are their least favorite.  Mental health professionals are feelers, we live in a world of emotions.  Managing the ‘black and white’ business side of owning a private practice is often a shit show for mental health professionals.  At least that has been my experience.

My CONFESSION today is; I often resemble this video (or much worse if I’m being honest) when trying to get a HUMAN BEING on the phone with an insurance company.  It is SO frustrating to call and get a robot who doesn’t understand what you need, and often there is NO option to speak to a representative.  Sometimes I scream so loudly into the phone I end up having other businesses in my office building checking on me to see if I’m okay.  It is not uncommon to sit on hold with an insurance company for 45 minutes to finally spend two minutes talking to someone to get your question answered.

I firmly believe insurance companies make it this difficult so mental health professionals give up, stop chasing their reimbursement monies and the insurance company gets to keep their money.  Who has time to sit on the phone for 1 hour every time you have to call an insurance company?

On another note, is anyone a mental health billing professional?  Looking for a job?  I have one for you!!!!

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